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Transtecture [trænz-tɛk-tʃər]

I. How do we understand the concept of home.

II. How do we define our surroundings and interpret objects.

III. How do we adjust the surroundings to our needs.


Transtecture is a project that derived from the empty preconditions architecture can be interpreted on. As the first part of the word directly explains the condition of change, the second part focuses on a solid fortitude, from which this change can arise. 

From a construction site, or a plan, which is a generic anything still in process of becoming something, to a building with a certain function in mind, to actually fulfilling this function by the interaction it engages with the users.

And from there back again. 

How it changes function, how the users change the interaction and eventually strip it down till it serves no purpose anymore, except for making space for a new plan.

By using the fundaments of a building we emulated in asking these question of where architecture, the identity of a building, home, all in its most empty forms, could come from and to which interpretations it can transform.

Collaboration with:      Konstantin Maximov      |      Lotta Pulkkinen      |      Maarten Slof      |      Zhengda Ye