peoples pavers

Peoples Pavers

This is the sociable love baby of a 3d printer and an Etch-a-Sketch who wanted to be a paviour. With People’s Pavers anybody can take part in designing. 

It is a system which provides the tools to both shape and create the very streets we walk on. 

The machine has three red wheels anyone can engage with by turning them; two for movement and one for material, which is clay. The red bar gives an extra height dimension that affects the depositing of the clay. You can already start by yourself, but more freedom is obtained when working together. By working together, drawings can be made on the mold. When the drawing is finished, the mold will be placed in a drying stand. When the clay drawing has dried a little, it is firm enough for concrete to be poured over. After the concrete has hardened, the paver is removed from its mold, and the drawing is revealed. All the pavers together make a street, created by the collective.

Check the digital street here:

Peoples Pavers during Dutch Design Week 2018 [Open Field]

Peoples Pavers during Dutch Design Week 2018 [Open Field]

Drawing 2.png
Drawing 3.png
Drawing 4.png
Drawing 5.png